Coach Insurance Leicester

Coach InsuranceOperating a coach or running a similar business requires specialist insurance because there are a lot of responsibilities. To get the correct insurance for your business, we need to deal with your specific circumstances to ensure the correct type and level of cover that you need. A local charity or youth club with volunteer drivers will have very different needs to owners of a coach fleet. Coversure are ideally suited to conduct your research for you to ensure the correct cover.

Insurers all offer slightly different features and Coversure make sure that you’re getting the level of cover. As specialist insurers brokers our experience in this area means we know what you’re looking and can create a tailor-made policy to suit your unique needs.

If you are carrying passengers you should look for the most comprehensive level of cover, but there are more basic options. Ideally you should understand what additions can be included in your policy; like legal expense cover, public liability insurance and breakdown assistance.

Call 0800 308 1055 or get quote onlineA comprehensive policy may not necessarily mean that it will be expensive. By comparing several options we can find a policy that gives you what you need without unnecessary extras.

Coversure for Coach insurance: