Employers’ Liability Insurance Leicester

Employers Liability Insurance

If your business is one which has one or more employees then you are legally required to have Employers’ liability insurance.

Coversure Leicester can reduce the overall cost and make your business insurance easier to manage by incorporating it into a single business policy with your public liability and any additional liability cover.

View HSE regulations on Employers’ liability

What does employers’ liability insurance cover?

Employers’ liability insurance covers the cost of a compensation claim from your employees if they become injured at work or become ill as a result of working for you.Call 0800 308 1055 or get quote online

This could happen if an employee is injured while working on machinery without the proper safety precautions.

It also covers claims for employee illnesses contracted as a result of working for you.

You could even be liable even if the symptoms occur after the person has left your employment.

Therefore it is hugely important that you keep on file all documentation related to your employers’ liability insurance, even if after it has expired.